Start Here – BAGS!

What’s up with the Bags? Why did you name your blog “Black Bag Society”? Well, I’ll give you the long story before I give you the short story…

My youngest was 4 months old and I was back at work missing her crazily. I needed to collaborate with a co-worker so I grabbed all my stuff and headed to a building far far away for the rest of the day. After awhile, the ladies (my boobs) told me it was time to take a pump break. I went to the security desk for the mother’s room key and the brand new security guard didn’t know the process or where the mother’s room was. I went back to my co-worker’s desk to let him know that I needed to head allll the way back to my building for a little bit. Another teammate recognized my dilemma and told me to come with him. A little confused, I followed him and he said, “I know where the room is.” As we walked back to the security desk, he explained that his wife has the same black bag and I said, “yeah, apparently we’re a society.”

At that moment, I had a name for the blog I had only started pondering about writing a few weeks before. During that pumping session my mind swirled with more ideas. Someone was able to identify a part of my life by the bag I carried. What other bags define me? What other bags do I shove in my car every day that I can’t live without?

I had a black purse. I had a black pump bag. I had a black bag that I lovingly called my hobo bag because it carried everything else that didn’t fit into my black purse. My lunch bag was black and purple. My daughter’s diaper bag that I packed every night for the next day at school was black and teal. I had a black laptop bag to lug home and back to work every day. The only bags I seemed to be missing on a daily basis were a gym bag and a suitcase… (shocking, right?)

At some time in our life, we all have a bag that’s black. We have a lot of bags. Whether it’s physical or emotional baggage, there’s a bag on our shoulders or in our hands holding something that we need.

Therefore…. all posts are organized into bags/categories depending on the post topic.