How to heal your Mastitis – FAST

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If you get mastitis, you need to get to doc ASAP for antibiotics. There are many different symptoms of mastitis. Fever, chills, stiff neck, headache, hot boobs and red streaks in boobs.

You need a hot shower and a wash cloth. put it on the infected boob.  By keeping the washcloth on the boob you are keeping the warmth on there. Use your forearm to rub the boob in circles and using the pressure to massage that knot. I promise using your hand (vs. forearm) will hurt worse.

Your body is not dumb. You also need to relax. Take this time to take a very hot bath and do the same thing with your forearm in the water.  If you don’t have enough hot water, we like it hot and will heat water on the stove and add it to the bath. (Please use your brain when doing this. Don’t put “boiling” water in there. Just hot enough to feel like you are in a relaxing Jacuzzi without the cost of one)

Take lecithin and thin that clogged milk out of there.  I personally recommend this to any nursing mom whether they are prone to mastitis or not. It will help you pump the most milk and no question it kept me from getting mastitis again.

Dangle feed and let gravity try to get it all out. Feed that baby and put his/her chin on the lump.  Not going to lie, this will more than likely hurt.  Pump if you can. Put a heating pad on them ladies (because you can’t spend all day in the shower).

Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT use cabbage leaves. If you read this in a Facebook support group, tell them to stop giving bad advice.  You will lessen your milk supply.  The antibiotics will probably already lessen your supply naturally and you do not want to increase this side effect. Here’s how I increased my breastmilk supply…


  1. Get antibiotics from Doc
  2. Get some Lecithin (purchase here)
  3. Hot showers or baths / Rub that knot out of there with forearm
  4. Dangle feed / Get gravity do it’s thing
  5. Put baby’s chin on lump
  6. Use a heating pad
  7. Do NOT use cabbage leaves

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