About Me

Who the heck am I? I’m someone who researches the death out of stuff so I’ve got lots crammed in my head and would like to share with you.

I’m clumsy, dorky, and can either be a control freak about some things or super easy going about others. I don’t exactly follow non-dessert recipes. Measuring cups are only used for baked goods. My poor husband never gets to eat the same dinner twice. 

I like a little salsa with my cilantro. Yep, pile on that beautiful green herb! The perfect happy hour must include margaritas, nachos or tacos, and a patio. Brunch is not brunch without $2 mimosas. My sweet tooth is most happy when noshing on a huge brownie with mint choc chip ice cream melting on top.  

I love Country music and 80’s hair bands. Blake Shelton is a household name at this point. I saw him 7x in one year about the time of his 2nd album. This is of course long before his superstar “the Voice” status. Roughly 10 seconds after I turn on Def Leppard, my youngest daughter will shout from her car seat, “drive faster and turn it ‘berry’ loud!” I worry about her…

Mountains or beach? Definitely beach!  I would much rather be soaking up some Vitamin C while drinking vitamin C spiked with spiced rum.  Mountains are great for hiking and being active but it’s not as relaxing as that sand between my toes and a good book.

Do not give me a plant if you think it will live a nice long life. It will die of thirst or by drowning. I’m not even consistent on how I kill plants.

I have watched the entire series of “Friends” more times than I can count. I’m definitely a “Monica” type.  There’s a place for everything.  I might forget where that place is (like I did with my daughter’s yearly graduation shirt and had to make a new one) but I love to organize all the stuff.